love as if you'll die today

im just a uni student that likes music and movies. if you can play the piano i suggest we get married.

can I please go back to last night❤️
okayy so I met him earlier this year once in late January and again in early February and while we were queuing for the show he got there and he greeted everyone that was already there and he remembered me! he was like “hi again! from the airport and from last time I was in LA busking” and I was like yeaaaah :) IT MADE ME SO HAPPY HE REMEMBERED ME. then we waited for him after the show too and he was like “Pamela right?” I responded with yeah! :D and he was like “I didn’t want to say it earlier and be wrong but it was nice seeing you again” and now MY HEART HURTS I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE REMEMBERED MY NAME FROM FEBRUARY.

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